Name Dropping Thrills Regional Editors

If you’re targeting a regional magazine or local newspaper for your article, the more narrow, that is, the more local and specific your examples and references are, the better your chances of acceptance for publication.

Editors of regional media know that their audiences are relying on them to cover and mention businesses, entertainment venues, professionals, personalities and other resources within a defined target area. . . that don’t get mentioned in media with a wider geographic reach.

So, for you the writer, the more you name drop, the better.

Many years ago, I wrote an article about training and education for a nationally distributed newsletter. The piece was general. It was published. I got paid.

Recently, I rewrote that article and submitted it to the editor of a women’s magazine that’s distributed throughout central Pennsylvania. Because the article was substantially different from the original, I was able to offer first rights again – which is another way to stoke an editor’s interest in your work.

You’ll see it’s heavily spiced with the names of local institutions and useful websites. In the publishing world, editors and publishers sometimes call their requirement for this kind of name-dropping article as “heavily referenced” articles.

When it Comes to Education, Size Doesn’t Matter


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