Checklist for Children’s Story Writers

You’re eager to send  your manuscript to agents and publishers, or perhaps you’re ready to self-publish.

But wait!

_ Is the title snappy and indicative of what’s inside?

_ Does the first paragraph grab young readers?

_ Is the conflict important to kids?

_ Will readers (and listeners who can’t read yet) identify with characters’ desires? 

_ Do characters enter with a bang?

_ Do kids really talk like that?

_ Does every scene advance plot?

­_ Do chapters begin and end with hooks?

_ Have you given “power to the kid”?

_ Are events believable, no strokes of luck?

_ Did you “show not tell”?

_ Is vocabulary accessible to targeted age group?

_ Are implied messages congruent with your intended message?

_ Are lessons or messages subtle?

_ Are loose ends tied up?

_  Is the end satisfying, but not predictable?

_ Can parents, librarians, teachers and others in the adult vanguard stomach this?

_ Have you solicited critiques from kids, a librarian and others children’s authors?

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If you’d like to add your experience or ideas to this list of tips, then please comment.

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