How to Interview Someone for an Article (Part 3 of 3)

Submitting the Manuscript

            Submit the manuscript with a cover letter reminding the editor he or she had expressed an interest in it, on-spec, based on your query. If the article was commissioned, mention that. On a separate page list each source’s name, position or job title, interview date(s), telephone number and email address.

Maintaining objectivity is an interviewer’s primary goal. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always help writers win friends, but it does influence people. The minute the newspaper with my article about the previous night’s school board meeting hit the streets, the school principal called me. She objected to the way I had written my brief. Still disgruntled, she complained to my editor. He asked her, “Are the facts as reported correct?” “Yes, they are,” the principal admitted.

That saved me. The editor learned he could trust me to report the facts and that I didn’t succumb to real or perceived pressure.

We all appreciate articles brimming with facts, animated by interesting personalities. Conducting interviews can be your route to writing articles readers crave and editors buy.

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