Turn Interviews into Wow-Worthy Articles

How to Write Interview-based Articles

 We’re picking up the interviewing process at the point where you have all your information together and you’re ready to write the article. Later in this blog, you’ll find a link to a magazine that consists soley of interviews, and a link to a video that reveals a “secret” method to construct wow-worthy personality profiles based on interviews.

In your article, depict body language, gestures, mannerisms and surroundings to portray a person. This example is from an article by Angela Lambert: “In a light-filled, graceful room tumbled with cushions, rugs and sofas, Doris Lessing is talking. Even though her conversation flits and strays there is – as there is in her writing – an immense concentration of energy in every word.”

To prevent articles from becoming impersonal, add personalizing details, even if (especially if) you never met the person face to face. How did the interviewee sound during phone conversation? “Helen’s voice spiraled angrily when she talked about milk-fed veal.” What has the interviewee done, seen, thought? “Dave gazed out his office window toward the capitol, most likely wondering, ‘Can I win the next election?'”

Before composing your article, study your targeted magazine for style preferences. Do published articles use past or present tense (said or says)? Does the magazine present people in a flattering or controversial vein? Do articles cover one view or several sides of an issue? What percent of each article contains quotations versus narrative? Who is the audience and how does that affect your article’s slant? Does the editor require written releases from interviewees? Model releases for photographs?

Read and learn from world-class writers whose articles based on interviews are published in Interview Magazine.

Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_AQuGgqCtc for a winning process to construct the article.


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