Freelancing with Spirit – Part 1

When I’d left my salary-woman job, reunited with my estranged husband, and moved 12 time zones away from the place called home, I came upon the writers’ maxim “Nothing bad happens to writers.”

To maintain a grip, I wrote and sold articles about anger, identity, embracing change, letting go and more to spiritual magazines. When the fountain of topics had seemingly dried up, I wrote an article about boredom which I sold to three different spiritual magazines.

Getting published in spiritual and religious magazines requires knowing the target markets well enough to be able to reflect the magazines’ values, write sincerely and impart information engagingly.

A writer’s experiences, struggles and discoveries are the raw stuff from which articles are crafted. Spiritual magazine editors purchase personal experience articles that evoke an emotional response and communicate a fundamental truth with which readers can identify, regardless of their unique situations.

Health food stores, boutiques selling incense, aromatherapy supplies and similar paraphernalia, bookstores and newsstands in university towns and trendy locales stock spiritual magazines. Mind-body-spirit seminars and centers for religious meetings disseminate spiritual magazines and newspapers, too.

Besides looking at magazines listed under the Spiritual heading in writers’ resources, look under Health and Fitness, Psychology, Self-Improvement, Relationships, Religion, and Women for periodicals and websites eager to receive well-written queries and articles.

In your Internet search engine type “spiritual magazines.” From there, also search the same subheadings mentioned above (health and fitness, etc.) and the words lifestyle, new age, alternative, Christian and other related keywords that spring to mind. The screen will display an array of markets needing more articles.

Whole Again Resource Guide lists categories of magazines and includes articles excerpted from magazines, on-line ordering, and magazine editors’ addresses. Click Magazine Order an on-line subscription service that can lead you to potential markets for your articles.

In Freelancing with Spirit Part 2 I will share tips that helped me sell articles every month to one magazine, and re-work them for other paying magazines.


Ken’s War stands out for its appeal to young adult and adult readers, males and females. With a blend of restrained pathos and quiet humor, the tale follows a boy forced to live in Japan with his stern, distracted father. The story highlights Ken’s attempts to find his place in a world turned upside-down. There’s the martial arts expert who frustrates Ken almost as intensely as the new family his mother has assembled back in the States infuriates him.  Exquisitely portrayed characters, including Wizard, an army misfit who guides him through nuances of culture shock and teen angst, and a Japanese-American girl, play indelible roles in Ken’s rocky journey from boyhood to manhood.

Ken’s War is slated for publication later this year by

(C) Beth Fowler 2014

(C) Beth Fowler 2014



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