Make Money Writing Travel Articles – Part I

Photos help sell articles.

Photos help sell articles.

Around the world, billions of people read articles and books that transport them to Bali, explain Italy’s public transport, describe where to shop in NYC…Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure your experiences could make great reading and bucks. Here are the first five of ten reasons to take notes and photos.

1. You travel.

That’s a plus, although travel isn’t a requirement for writing and selling travel articles.

2. The need for travel writers is growing.

United World Tourism Organization forecasts a “4-4.5% growth in international tourist arrivals in 2014.” Tourism is the world’s largest growth industry with no signs of slowing down in the 21st century. Travel writers provide a vital service in this humongous market.

3. A humongous market demands well-written travel articles.

As one travel editor put it, “If the article contains information that’s unique and useful to readers, I’ll buy it.” Find markets listed yearly in America’s Writers’ Market, and Britian’s Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook. Numerous magazines and newspapers not listed under “Travel” in these resources also buy travel articles. Tons of publications aren’t listed in market compendia, so keep your eyes open for periodicals on newsagents’ shelves and friends’ coffee tables, in lobby magazine racks and secondhand stores, at club and association venues, and in mainstream bookstores and offbeat book nooks. Google phrases such as “magazines that pay travel writers,” “websites that pay for travel articles” and similar combos of those kinds of words to find paying markets.

4. Travel writers can earn high returns for low investment.

You probably already own the electronic gizmos you need to write articles, shoot photos and email them; so capital outlay is virtually nil. If you happen to be in Salzburg, say, on business or vacation, jot notes, snap photographs, collect tourist brochures and send a query to several magazines and newspapers. Doing exactly that, I earned US$500 for an 800-word article. Travel writer compensation ranges from to free copies of the publication to payment amounts that need a comma.

5. Literary brilliance not essential.

Luckily for those who haven’t attained the celestial levels of Bill Bryson, L. Peat O’ Neil and their ilk, plenty of markets exist. (Study these and other masters. They are our mentors.) Even renowned travel writers didn’t start out super-talented. Most publications can’t afford the fees big-time writers command. Countless editors are eager to buy travel pieces that are professionally presented, interesting and appeal to the targeted audience. Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Writing, The Travel Writer’s Handbook and other how-to books are available at, in bricks ‘n’ mortar bookstores and libraries. Writing books are shelved in your library’s 800 section; travel in 910.

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(C) Beth Fowler 2014

(C) Beth Fowler 2014

It’s 1965 and Ken Paderson is itchin’ to get his driver’s license so he can escape his parents’ tight control. But his world turns upside down when he and his dad are whisked off to a remote army outpost in Japan. The novel, Ken’s War, is slated for publication later this year by Melange Books LLC.


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