Yet Another Blog


 Do you really want to read another blog?

If you’re a writer who wants to improve your skills, knowledge and sales, then, yes, you might  want to read this blog.

 How can reading Writers Helper help you with writing and selling your writing?

I’ll post articles for writers who are serious. That’s it. You won’t find gardening tips or vacation photos here.

What do I know about writing?

I’ve developed and presented writers classes and workshops for corporations, libraries, writers’ circles, adult education centers and public schools. 

I edited the manuscript for The Stress Elimination Handbook.  Adrian Lowe wrote The Stress Elimination Handbook to provide easy-to-follow instructions proven to control, manage, reduce and eliminate stress.

Over 400 of my articles and short stories have been published in the U.S.A. and internationally. Oxford University Press published two anthologies of my children’s stories. Ken’s War, a novel, is slated for publication in 2014 by Melange Books LLC.

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