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“Tell me a story…”

That beautiful child looks up into your eyes and snuggles close, ready for a journey only you can lead. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could pull out your own picture book from the shelf… point to its glossy cover, read the title, and say, “This is the book I wrote for you.
For the last three years I’ve had the joy and privilege to work with hundreds of authors in my live Year of the Book classes. Now I’m thrilled to announce I’ve taken the best of the best of the best of what we’ve learned and turned it into a course you can access online, regardless where you live.

I’d love to help you get started right away with a free class that will help you write and publish your children’s picture book. We’ll go through all the steps you need to get from conception to labor and delivery of your bouncing baby book.

Can you imagine how thrilling it will be to share your professionally printed and bound story with your loved ones?

I’ve seen the joy—over and over through my students’ and clients’ eyes—and experienced it personally through the birth of my own two children’s picture books: Write Away! and Roger, Roger. It’s like disbelief combined with intense personal satisfaction. And it’s waiting for you just a short way up the path.

Or maybe your dream is bigger. Perhaps you’d like to see your work available for sale in stores and online. It’s all within your reach and I can show you how. I help people achieve this dream every day and I’d love for you to be next.

Online seating is limited to just 50 attendees, so reserve your space today. (sign up

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Article shared by the author of Ken’s WarWhen teen rebellion & culture shock collide.


 ken's war cover

Ken’s War is vibrant with authority … Fowler’s elegantly written novel risks exploring the full range of teenage behavior and emotion.” Nancy Springer, award- winning author of YA books.





A Christmas Classic That Almost Wasn’t

“All over the world, it’s become a tradition to read a special poem on Christmas Eve. You can probably recite a good bit of it by heart:

’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse …

“But as famous as this poem is to us now … it almost wasn’t published at all. And when it was, the author wasn’t happy.”

Get the surprising behind-the-scenes story about one of the most well-known poems here: The Christmas Hit That Almost Wasn’t

Merry Christmas and have a writing filled 2014!


Ken, the protagonist of Ken’s War, has a crummy Christmas when he visits his mother, her new husband and their silly kids.

Ken’s War is slated for publication in the summer of ’14 by

Children’s Authors Writing Gibberish

Meghan Cox Gurdon, Children’s Book Reviewer, The Wall Street Journal, says in The Case for Good Taste in Children’s Books, “The body of children’s literature is … shelf after shelf of books, many almost gibberish, but a rare few filled with wisdom and beauty and answers to important questions. These are the books that have lasted because generation after generation has seen in them something transcendent, and has passed them on. Maria Tatar, who teaches children’s literature at Harvard, describes books like The Chronicles of Narnia, The Wind in the Willows, The Jungle Books, and Pinocchio as ‘setting minds into motion, renewing senses, and almost rewiring brains.’ ”

Before you weigh in on her opinion, skim the rest of Meghan’s transcript.

Really. Look at the article. You’re in for a shock if you haven’t read kid lit lately. . . and I don’t just mean Harry Potter books.

Gibberish!  What’s your opinion on Meghan’s stance that children’s lit is becoming too grim, gruesome, dark and pushes the limits of taste and normalcy? Do you think it’s possible that topics covered in children’s lit could be contributing to kids’ problems?

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Ken’s War, a YA novel by B.K. Fowler, is slated for publication in 2014 by Melange Books LLC

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Goldmine for Children’s Writers

Do you want to write for children and get paid for it? Then dig into this goldmine of resources. It includes markets for your manuscripts, information to understanding business aspects of writing, trends, what to avoid and much more.

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