Ken’s War

Ken’s War is slated for publication later this year.

It’s 1965 and Ken Paderson is impatient to get his driver’s license so he can escape his parents’ tight control. But his world turns upside down when Ken and his dad are whisked off to a remote army outpost in Japan.

Sucker punched by culture clash at every turn, Ken expects no help from his father who’s fighting to keep his army position. As far as Ken is concerned, the army made a huge mistake assigning his dad to flush out criminals who are stealing U.S. Army medical supplies, which mysteriously appear on the black market. Ken just wants to get off this island, and go home. So for the time being, he strikes up a friendship with a quirky soldier who seems more Japanese than American, and can show him the ropes.

Ken has guts and good intentions, but it’s his burning desire to fight off a gang of Japanese boys that have been following him that compels him to steal, steal from the very people who care about him, so he can make money for martial arts lessons.

Against his father’s orders, Ken takes his girlfriend Yasuko to a festival. After spending the night trapped in a cave by a raging typhoon, they come home together. There a different, life-changing typhoon has been brewing. His father, a unit of Military Police, and the leader of the crime ring are waiting for him.

How can Ken win his war against these multiple foes?


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