Nicest Non-rejection Rejection and Then Some

Read this “no thanks” I got on my query from FinePrint Literary Management:
Thanks for writing to me about your work.

I’m sorry, this is a pass for me.

Right now my list is very full, and I’m fortunate that business
is very good so I have to pass on projects that are not only
good and publishable but ones I really like. That’s a good
problem for me, but it just stinks from the writer’s
viewpoint, yes indeed it does.

I strongly encourage you to query widely. Other agents have more wiggle room
on their lists and are able to take on more than I can.

Please think of this as redirection to another agent, not rejection.

Very best wishes to you!

Janet Reid
FinePrint Literary Management

help on query letters-

my blog:

my website:

Wasn’t that nice of her to write a gracious rejection and include helpful links?

About my published YA novel Ken’s War: As the conflict in Vietnam escalates, army brat Ken finds himself in Japan when his hot-headed dad, Captain Paderson, is suddenly deployed to a remote post there. Culture clash is one of the many sucker punches that knocks Ken’s world upside down. He struggles as his assumptions about friends and enemies, loyalty and betrayal, and love and manipulation are fractured. An army misfit, a Japanese girl and a martial arts master play unforgettable roles in Ken’s rocky journey in this coming-of-age story.